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Parkland FAQs2019-07-24T13:16:04+13:00
Why would I buy a Grillo Trimmer Mower over a hand held brush cutter?2019-02-19T11:13:29+13:00

Trimmer Mowers are designed so the user can walk behind, not carry their brush cutter.  There’s always going to be grass, untidy areas or hard to reach places on your property that can’t be reached by ride on mowers, are too steep or just too tall to be cut conventionally.  Trimmer Mowers take the strain and aggressive movements associated with swinging a hand held brush cutter away.  They are designed to be well balanced, on high stability wide diameter wheels.  Also their powerful 5.5HP engines are more powerful than standard smaller hand held units meaning you can cut more grass, taller grass and thicker grass faster and easier.

Do Grillo grass collection machines collect as well as you say?2019-02-19T11:12:56+13:00

There are two main reasons they collect grass very well. 1)  Highly efficient cutting deck design and 2) aerodynamic blade design. Grillo spend a lot of time and money studying ways in which to maximize efficient cutting deck operation while using the lowest engine horsepower possible. As a result, the grass is cut in long lengths and delivered to the collection bin without the need for fans or turbines. The finished result is excellent with no debris left on the lawn.

What is the warranty on Grillo Products?2019-02-19T11:11:09+13:00

The type of warranty available depends on your usage: commercial, non-commercial or rental/hire. The warranty for commercial usage is 12 months, and the warranty for non-commercial usage can be up to three years. Warranty claims are  handled by the authorized Grillo Dealer who sold the original machine.
Please click here to read the terms and conditions of the Parkland Grillo Product Warranty.

What is the best way to minimize back pain when using a ride on mower?2019-02-19T11:07:47+13:00
Essentially – don’t overdo it!  Have a break every 20 minutes.  Park the machine safely, get off it and have a walk around for a few minutes.  Even do some back exercises or stretches. Mowing for three hours or more at a time can lead to back strain so it’s important to have a regular break.
Grillo commercial machines such as CL9.22 and MD22 have an upgraded seat with armrests which is more comfortable for professional users who spend many hours mowing.  This is helpful but resting up and having a regular break is still very important and necessary to prevent back strain.
Is the Grillo Climber easy to service?2019-02-19T11:06:53+13:00

The Climber is designed to be serviced by an authorised Grillo service agent. Servicing and maintenance you can do yourself includes cleaning of the machine during and after use. Oil changes and tyre pressure maintenance can usually be done by the owner.  It is important to work with your Grillo authorised dealer who can provide pre delivery advice on cleaning and maintenance.  These machines often work in hazardous environments where the grass/bush can be high as well as dry.  The dealer will advise you on the best way to keep the machine free from grass buildup during use to minimise the risk of fire.

Will the Grillo Climber handle kikuyu grass?2019-02-19T11:06:31+13:00

Yes. To date the grasses that the Climber handles with ease include kikuyu, thick clover, rye, high coarse lantana, mustard grass, marshmallow, wild oats and even giant rats tail.

Can I achieve a lawn finish on definitely not lawn steep slopes with a Grillo Climber?2019-02-19T11:05:46+13:00

The Climber are designed with rear grass discharge. What type of grass you are cutting and how long it is will affect the finish. For a lawn finish, mulch kits are available and can be fitted on 9 series machines.  If you are looking for a permanent ‘nice finish” on your lawn, the Grillo MD22 comes with a purpose built ‘lawn finish’ deck that’s 110cm (43″) wide.

Is the Grillo Climber robust enough to handle operating on tough terrain day-in, day-out?2019-02-19T11:03:49+13:00

9 series Climbers are designed to handle conditions that are heavy duty. They will handle consistent use in thick, heavy, rough grass that is damp or even with high moisture content. Even thin saplings up to 25mm can be mown down. Naturally, obstacles such as tree trunks, rocks and other solid objects should be avoided.  7 series Climbers are for use on smaller properties where the conditions are more moderate and less extreme but like all machines hitting solid objects can cause damage to the machine.

What prevents the Grillo Climber from sledging out of control coming down steep slopes?2019-02-19T11:04:12+13:00

Coming down a slope less than say 20 deg the hydrostatic transmission prevents the machine from getting away. On steeper slopes, the force of gravity causes normal tractor type mowers to sledge out of control but this does not happen with the Climber. The differential lock enables both wheels to stay connected with the ground. On even steeper slopes, judicious use of the front brake pedal enables the operator to maintain complete control and even bring the machine to a complete halt instantly.

Can the Grillo Climber safely handle steep slopes of 25 degrees or more?2019-02-19T11:04:41+13:00

Yes, the Climber can in fact handle slopes of up to 30 degrees when driving straight up a hill – which is steeper than you would imagine – but coming down the slope much steeper gradients are possible.

Is the Grillo Climber 4WD?2019-02-19T11:02:11+13:00

No. All Grillo Climbers are 2WD. This ensures very good maneuverability, tight turning circles due to a lightweight rack and pinion steering system. Grip retention and hill climbing ability come from lugged tractor tyres, most of the weight located above the driving wheels and from the ability to lock the rear differential.

Where can I get a user manual for my Pope product?2018-11-23T09:04:57+13:00

Pope has created a helpful page with many user guides available for their product. Click on the link here and then search for your product. If you can’t locate it, then please contact us at so we can help you.

Where can I get a replacement owners manual or parts catalogue for my mower?2018-11-23T09:06:09+13:00

All Owner’s Manuals and Parts Manuals are available on request. To obtain the correct manual for you, please contact us  and make sure you have your model and serial number of your machine handy.

Where can I find warranty information for my piece of equipment?2018-11-23T09:07:00+13:00

For most of Parkland’s products, information regarding the warranty on your purchase can be found on the last page of your Operator’s Manual.

If in doubt, please locate your model and serial number and contact us so we can help you find it.

How do I access the dealer portal?2018-11-23T09:08:20+13:00

If you’re an approved dealer or reseller of any of our range of products, you’ll find a host of useful information to help with your retail process in the dealer portal.

To access it, you’ll need the unique login information that was emailed to you once you’d signed up. If you can’t find it, not to worry. Please contact us and we’ll resend your password.

Not yet a dealer but would like to be? Great! Please contact us so we can get the ball rolling.

Can Parkland design my home irrigation system?2018-11-23T09:09:12+13:00

Yes, Parkland Products offer an inhouse irrigation design service for residential properties for a flat fee of $375 + GST. Our designer will consult with you on your property, your specific irrigation requirements and also your water access and flow rates in order to design a plan. We will also provide a list of materials required to fulfil the plan, which can be purchased from Parkland Products.


Contact us now to get started, and read the post: What information do I need to build an irrigation plan for my house? to help you prepare.

Can I buy Grillo products from Parkland?2018-11-23T09:10:27+13:00

Parkland customer services can help you through your requirements and questions to find the most appropriate model, but will hand you over to a dealer for sale and purchase.

Grillo products are sold only by our network of authorised outdoor power equipment dealers throughout New Zealand. Find your nearest one here.


When will my part be delivered?2018-11-23T09:12:58+13:00

Once we’d confirmed your order, you would have received an email from with the subject line: Shipment Notification for sales order… Occasionally these end up in your junk folder, so don’t forget to look there if it’s not in your inbox.  Within the email is a link with your tracking code.

We use different suppliers depending on the type of part you’ve purchased, so it’s important to check on your own paperwork.

If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll resend the email, or have a look at the tracking for you.

Does my machinery have to be serviced at a Parkland workshop?2018-11-23T09:14:32+13:00

Parkland’s workshops are fully equipped, state-of the art facilities. However, we appreciate that it is impractical to have all equipment serviced at our sites. For this reason, we have mobile workshops that operate from our Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch branches.

Parkland’s technical specialists are factory-trained, and work is subject to strict quality and safety controls. We only use genuine parts, and we offer a complete guarantee for all servicing completed. Contact us to book your service today.