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Princess MP3 PRO Rotary Tiller


Model: Princess MP3 Pro

Grillo rotavator Princess MP3 PRO brings together the advantages and the maneuverability of the machines with a belt-to-chain transmission and the efficiency and robustness of the tiller with hexagonal shaft of professional motor-hoes.

Mechanic gearbox in oil-bath with 2 forward gears and one reverse gear.

Standard tiller is 97 cm large and it is composed of 6 tine elements with side discs, 27 mm hexagonal shaft.

Tines diameter of 33 cm. Tines are made of tempered steel and can be removed.

The Princess MP3 PRO Rotary Tiller is also commonly known as: PMP3PRO, PrincessMP3 Pro, MP3 Pro tiller, Grillo tiller, rotarytilller, MP 3 Pro tiller, princess rotary tiller




Grillo Princess motor hoes are practical and easily transported thanks to their front transport wheel, provided as a standard feature. To obtain a perfect finishing and not to walk on the
tilled soil, all the Grillo motor hoes have a side adjustable handlebar. The furrower allows to draw regular furrows, and to choose their width and depth.

Engine, Speed and Gearbox

Princess MP3 PRO is fitted with a 3000 Kohler engine and has 2 forward speeds and one reverse speed. The gear box is mechanical with oil bath gears. The gears lever is always at your fingertips. The first gear is used to break the hard superficial crust while a deeper soil processing is achieved with the second gear.

Active clutch

When the user releases the clutch lever, the tiller rotation stops immediately while the engine keeps on running. Maximum safety and practicality.

Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar is side and height adjustable, with easy-to-use levers, and no need of special tools.

The Front Wheel

The front wheel is the best way for transport. It is equipped with a spring device which automatically locks the wheel in working or transport position.

Tiller and Depth

Standard tiller is 97 cm large and allows a 33 cm working depth. It is made of 6 tines elements with side discs. The tines, made of tempered steel, are fixed via bolts. The tines have a 27 mm hexagonal shaft.

Spur and Furrower

The spur is swinging and height-adjustable in 8 positions. The furrower can replace the spur if you want perfect furrows for seeding or irrigation.

  • Easily transported or moved
  • Active coupling
  • Adjustable tilling depth
  • Handlebar height and side position adjustable
  • Belt-to-chain transmission
  • Two forward gears and one reverse gear
  • The spur is swinging and height-adjustable in 8 positions
  • Engine: Kohler 3000, Power: 5.5HP (kW 4.1), displacement 196cc
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 L
  • Transmission: with oil bath gears
  • P.T.O: 36 rpm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Gearbox: 2 forward gears and 1 reverse gear
  • Standard rotary tiller: With 6 tines and side discs, working width 97 cm. With hexagonal shaft 27 mm
  • Hoes system diameter: 33 cm
  • Working depth: 33 cm
  • Handlebar: with height and side adjustment


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