The Greensmaster® 1600 provides greater performance on and around the greens

Greensmaster 1600

To ensure you have the necessary tools to keep your greens in top condition, Toro offers a range of fixed head walk greensmowers designed for superior performance on any type of green. The Toro Greensmaster is the industry’s most popular walk greensmower known for its legendary cut and reliability. For a slightly wider mowing swath and increased productivity, pick the Greensmaster 1600. Count on the 1600 to cut lower than other brands at the same height of cut setting.

The Greensmaster 1600 is also commonly known as: GM1600, GM 1600, Greenmaster, Green Master 1600, Toro Greensmaster




The Greensmaster® 1600 provides greater performance on and around the greens – offering you more versatility with one walk greensmower. Its 66 cm cutting width and an extended height of cut range make this mower perfect for tee, apron and other formal turf areas, even large area greens. A dimpled traction drum provides better traction for off-greens cutting.

The legendary Toro® Greensmaster® 800 / 1000 / 1600 series has a cutting width range of 18″, 21” and 26″, respectively. All models in the line boast convenient operator controls, precision cut, and an ergonomic loop handle design to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. These units offer a number of maintenance features to ensure a long and productive life, including quick access to all service points for routine maintenance, and a forward weight bias which balances the machine and sets an industry standard for straight line tracking. This also ensures a pristine cut regardless of operator influence.

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Precision Cut

Select from a broad product offering to customise for your desired quality of cut. The smooth drums are gentle on greens. Choose the correct clip with the optional Clip Kit.

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Ergonomic Loop Handle Design

Ergonomic handles make mowing comfortable for a wide range of operators. The 3-position pull-pin height adjustment for the handle allows the operator to quickly adjust handle for their comfort without a technician’s assistance.

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Forward Weight Bias

Provides straight tracking of the mower and reduces the operator’s influence on the quality of the cut. The forward weight bias enhances the mower penetration into the turf.

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Grass Baskets

Engineered for mowing performance, the grass baskets distribute clippings evenly for optimal mowing on each pass, in wet or dry conditions.

  • Engine: Subaru® 4.3 HP (3.2 kw) @ 4000 RPM
  • Fuel Capacity: 3 Litres  capacity
  • Mowing Speed: 2.4 to 5.3 km/h
  • Transport speed max: 8.0 km/h
  • Cutting Width: 66cm
  • Height of Cut: 3.2 -31.8 mm
  • Frequency Of Clip: 5.8 mm (.23″) – 8-blade reel
  • Warranty: 2 year limited warranty
  • Weight: Approx. 230 lbs.(104 kg)

Greenmaster 1600 Accessories

Greensmaster 1600 Accessories

Greenmaster 1600 Accessories Brochure


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