A new all-electric rider, charged with Greens perfection.

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Greensmaster eTriflex 3370

Model: 3370

Meet the all-new electric Greensmaster eTriFlex range from Toro. The new Greensmaster® eTriFlex models carry no hydraulic fluid and utilize all-electric components for traction, steering, lift and cutting.

The eTriFlex 3370 model boasts a 48-volt Lithium-Ion Samsung® battery, offering a virtually silent operation on any green. This fully electric mower is very energy efficient and an extremely comfortable ride.

These EnergySmart® models are operationally friendly with noticeable noise reductions, operational cost savings, and other meaningful improvements to complement the ever-important enhancements in cutting performance.

The Greensmaster eTriflex 3370 is also commonly known as: GM3370, GM 3370, Greenmaster, Green Master 3370, GMeTriflex, eTriflex 3370, Toro Greensmaster

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Combining the innovative, Double A-Arm Suspension System with industry-leading Flex technology, the cutting units float freely over any terrain.

The new Radius Dependent Speed (RDS™) System, in combination with the Lift-In-Turn cutting unit leveling feature virtually eliminates the effect known as “Triplex-Ring”. This substantially improves both the aesthetics and playability of the green. And superior cutting performance is only the beginning.

The patented Lift-Gate Footrest, Tool-Free QuickChange™ cutting units, Automatic “Slow-in-Turn” during Transport and Auto-Brake on Operator Dismount are just a few of the many new features that provide added versatility, simplified service, and ultimately, more productivity.

It is unsurprising for the bar to be raised even higher by the world class Toro group – count on it.

Harness full Electric power and go virtually silent

The industry-first lithium-ion based battery powered unit also has ample power and is virtually silent during operation. The new generator model, according to end users familiar with the new product, is much quieter than traditional engine powered models.

Radius Dependent Speed (RDS) System for Optimal Perimeter Cut

The Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 maintains a consistent cutting unit clip rate in turns on each individual reel. Extra wheel speed control is included during turns for reduced wheel scrubbing and optimum control. A lift-in-turn feature is included to provide a level cut from side to side, particularly in turning.

Advanced Cutting Performance

Double A-Arm plus Link-System Suspension provides superior contour following while riding. Industry-leading Flex™ technology and DPA cutting units allow for simple adjustment and a refined precision finish.

Highly Productive and Versatile

Both new eTriflex machines have ample power for a wide range of applications both on and off the greens. Whether considering the 3360 or 3370versatility and productivity are the goal made possible by Toro.

Innovative Maintenance Enhancements

Easily obtain advanced diagnostic information via the InfoCenter™ mounted on top of the greensmower. Tool-Free, Quick-Change cutting units make adjusting on or off the tee stress-free.

Power Source:

Eight, Lithium-Ion Samsung® SDI batteries

Energy Capacity:

10.77 kWh; 48V nominal

Electrical Systems:

48V System for traction, steering motor, and cutting unit lift. 12V system for primary controls and brake actuator.


Basic machine diagnostics available through the InfoCenter™

Power Steering:

48V electric steering motor with torque feedback device

Traction Drive:

Positive 2WD traction drive: Two, brushless permanent magnet traction motors coupled to a gearbox. Optional 3WD. (patent-pending).

RDS™ System:

Radius Dependent Speeds – Clip Rate: Maintains consistent cutting unit clip rate in turns on each individual reel (patent-pending). Wheel Speed Control: Individual
wheel speed control during turns (patent-pending). Lift-In-Turn: Provides level cut from side to side of cutting units regardless of turning angle (patented).

Ground Speed:

Mowing 0-5 mph (0-8 km/h); Transport 0-10 mph (0-16 km/h); Reverse 0-3 mph (0-4.8 km/h). Selective slow down feature for turning in mowing mode. Automatic slow down at high transport speeds when turning.

Cutting Unit Drive:

Three, 48V (1.1 KW), air-cooled brushless permanent magnet motors.

Cutting Unit Lift System:

48V electric linear actuators with fully integrated brushless permanent magnet motor and controller. Fully sealed with splash guard. Center lift actuator drop and raise delay is dependent on machine velocity.




Adjustable from 200–520 RPM


Traction Pedal: Forward/Neutral/Reverse; Joystick: Raise/Lower; Function control switch: Neutral, Mow, Transport; Key switch; Steering Arm Lock Pedal; Brake pedal; Parking Brake; InfoCenter; Seat Adjusting Lever; Main Power Connectors; Choke (3360 only); Fuel-Shutoff Valve


InfoCenter: Onboard LCD display shows gauges, alerts/faults, service reminders, electrical system diagnostics, low oil pressure, alternator, engine hours, engine rpm, voltage, functional control status, parking brake applied, reel speed setting, backlap control, clip control, calibration of 48V components.


Basic machine diagnostics available through the InfoCenter.


Traction motor regenerative braking; foot pedal service/parking brake, linear-actuated automatic parking brake.


Three, 19 x 10.5 x 8, 4-ply rating pneumatic tubeless and demountable. Smooth tread. Tire pressure 12–16 psi (83–110 kPa) front and rear.

Weight (11 Blade CU, Baskets, Std. Seat with no fuel):

Mow: 616 kg Transport: 738 kg

Noise Level (DBA): 

Sound Power: 82 db(A) Operator Ear: 66 db(A)

Ground Clearance:

3.8″ (9.7 cm) ground clearance. Three, tie down locations (2 side, 1 rear).

Width of Cut:

59″ (150 cm)

Cutting Unit Suspension:

Double A-Arm Suspension utilizing sealed ball joints allows free cutting unit motion in pitch and yaw. Links system for the roll. The basket is directly mounted to the
cutting unit displacing weight evenly over front and rear rollers.

Quick-connect Cutting Units:

Snap-on cutting unit and reel motors (no tools required).


No grease points

Overall Dimensions:

Width: 70.9″ (180cm)

Length: with Baskets 98″ (249cm)

Height: 80.8″ (205cm)

Wheelbase: 49.8″ (126.5cm)

Minimum Turning Radius (to machine center line): 35.9″ (91cm)


Meets ANSI B71.5–2017 and EU 2000. 14EC (noise), 2006/42/EC (machinery safety), 2014/53/EU (red)


Two-year limited warranty, both models. Lithium-Ion battery 4 years (3rd and 4th year prorated). Refer to the Operator’s Manual for further details.


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