Walking your greens has never been easier.

Greensmaster Flex 2120 Petrol

Walking your greens has never been easier. The Greensmaster® Flex™ walk mowers improve upon the industry leading cutting performance you’ve come to expect from Toro. Add improved productivity and simplified serviceability to the list and you’ll quickly understand why the all-new Greensmaster® Flex™ 2120 promises to make the best greensmowers on the planet even better!

The Greensmaster Flex 2120 Petrol is also commonly known as: GM2120, GM 2120, Greenmaster, Green Master 2120, GM Petrol, Flex greensmaster, Toro Greensmaster



The Greensmaster® Flex™ 1820 / 2120 Series mowers deliver pristine results time and time again. Greensmaster Flex mowers cut closely to follow severe undulations at extremely low heights, and provide an excellent solution for greens that require precision mowing. The unique and patented Flex suspension system utilises an integrated linkage system to allow cutting units to pivot around the centre of the front roller, which prevents side-to-side scrubbing of the putting surface. All functions are easily controlled from the operator station, including both traction and reel engagement.

The Flex 1820 / 2120 features a heavy-duty industrial 4.3 hp (3.2 kW) Subaru® gasoline engine and reaches transport speeds of up to 5.7 mph (9.2 km/h). With a cutting width of 18” / 21”, operators will appreciate the precision handling and pristine after cut appearance that the Flex 1820 / 2120 delivers. Both units feature an all-aluminium die-cast precision frame and a belt drive transmission and can achieve cutting heights as low as 1/16 inch (1.59mm). All Toro Greensmaster mowers feature patented dual precision adjustment (DPA) cutting units and require no regular greasing as part of a preventative maintenance plan.

Configuration Options:

  • Greensmaster Flex 1820 – 18″ Cutting Width
  • Greensmaster Flex 2120 – 21″ Cutting Width

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Powerful Subaru® Industrial Engine

The reliable high-tech Subaru® heavy-duty industrial engine is precision manufactured for high torque output at low rpms for easy starting. The new engine has the power necessary to accommodate groomers, light kits, and all of your most challenging greens cutting applications.

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Proven Flex Suspension (Patented)

Superior contour following capability utilises an integrated “Flex” linkage system to allow cutting units to pivot around the centre of the front roller to master undulations and prevent side-to-side scrubbing of the putting surface.

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Built-in Clip Adjustments

Each new Flex walker includes six – easy to configure – clip rate options to accommodate specific cutting heights and playability requirements for every event or desired playing condition. Three colour-coded pulleys can quickly be rearranged, with a single wrench, to match your reels and clip rates to achieve the desired result.

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EdgeSeries™ Reels

Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units – featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries™ reels combine to deliver a consistent, high quality cut and superior after cut appearance, while reducing maintenance with improved reel edge


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Adjustable – Telescoping Handle

The new telescoping handle can be adjusted up or down for enhanced operator comfort and to accommodate tall or short operators.

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No Grease Points

No grease points means less time spent on routine maintenance tasks and no more worry about grease “blurbs” on your turf.

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Loop Handle – Control Panel

The loop-style handle and operator controls are ergonomically designed for ease of operation. The Flex control panel is designed to be accessible, intuitively simple to understand, with control functions that are easy to master

  • Engine: Subaru® 4.3 HP (3.2 kw) @ 4000 RPM
  • Fuel Capacity: 3 Litres capacity
  • Mowing Speed: 1.6 – 3.7 mph (2.5 – 5.9 km/h)
  • Transport Speed: 9.2 km/h
  • Cutting Width: 46 – 53cm
  • Height of cut: 2mm – 25.4mm (two positions)
  • Number of Blades: 8, 11, 14 blade reels
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited
  • Certification: ANSI & CE

Acccessories for the Greensmaster Series

Accessories for the Greensmaster series

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