Toro's ProCore® 1298 is one of the newest additions to our highly innovative aeration product line.

ProCore 1298 Corer

Model: 09716

When it comes to aeration projects, productivity is the key. That’s why Toro offers two ProCore large area aerator models designed to get the job done faster. The ProCore 1298 can aerate up to 2.3 acres per hour with a 248.9 cm coring width and dual coring heads that articulate to follow undulations in the ground.

The smooth operation of the coring head allows the operator to keep the ProCore running even in the raised position, increasing productivity through turnarounds. The three-point mount and PTO drive enables easy setup and operation. Durability is second to none with reinforced belt drives, an oversized gear box and an impact resistance system that saves wear and tear on the aerator and operator, even in the most challenging conditions.

The ProCore 1298 Corer is also commonly known as: PC 1298, PC1298, corer, Toro corer, pro core 1298



The same ground-breaking technology that allowed the ProCore 648 to revolutionize greens aeration is now available for large-area applications in the new ProCore 1298. Aerate fairways and sports fields in efficient 248.9 cm widths with the smooth operation and precision performance you demand. You’ve never used a tractor-mounted aerator quite like it. And once you try it, you’ll never go back.


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Belt Drive Aeration Head

Kevlar reinforced belt drives provide smooth, quiet operation along with robust durability. This leads to increased operator comfort and a more enjoyable aeration experience.

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Depth Control Mechanism

The depth control mechanism provides a quick and easy method for changing hole depth. The depth setting has a high gear ratio making changing depth a quick and effortless task.

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High Quality Holes at Consistent Depths

The RotaLink™ tine guide mechanism ensures tines remain vertical as they enter and exit the ground. This produces consistently clean holes for better looking turf and easier top dressing fill if required. The ProCore® tine placement is close to the roller, keeping them at a consistent depth as the operator travels over undulations.

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Impact Resistance System

The compression springs combined with the independent coring head provide positive down pressure to ensure proper hole depth in the downward direction and provide a dampening affect in the upward direction when a large object is impacted during aeration.

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Increased Productivity

The efficient 64″ (162 cm) and 98″ (249 cm) aeration swath deliver maximum productivity for a broad range of forward hole spaces. View productivity detail on pdf.

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Operator Comfort and Ease of Use

The precision balancing weights eliminates hopping, rocking, and uncomfortable vibration for less operator fatigue and a more productive and efficient aeration experience. It allows the aerator to run in the up position and simplifies operation and increases efficiency in turn around.

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Oversized Gear Box

The oversized gear box provides improved capacity and durability for the toughest turf conditions.

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Precision Balanced Drive System

The ProCore® drive has precision balancing weights and each coring head is modeled after a 6-cylinder engine with precision balancing. This configuration eliminates hopping, rocking, and uncomforting vibration. This leads to less operator fatigue and a more productive and efficient aeration experience.

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Reduced Simplified Maintenance

Easy access to service components and minimal grease points result in less maintenance and less time performing maintenance tasks. This leads to higher machine and operator productivity and allows technicians to be more efficient.

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RotaLink™ Tine Guide Mechanism

A linked mechanism that guides the tine actuation path and ensures they remain vertical as they enter and exit the ground. This produces consistent, clean holes for better looking turf and improved top dressing fill.

  • Aeration Width: 248.9 cm
  • Aeration Depth: 12.7 cm
  • Tractor Size: 45 hp (33.6 kW) @ PTO minimum, 50 hp (37.3 kW) @ PTO recommended
  • Width: 256.5 cm cm
  • Height: 97.8 cm
  • Length: 88.9 cm
  • Weight: 1043.3 kg
Tine Heads and Tine Holders

The ProCore® offers multiple tine head configurations and accommodates the full line of Toro TITAN® and Classic Tines.


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