Years of research, customer input, testing and attention to detail went into making the ProCore® 648 the most productive and efficient walking aerator on the market.

ProCore 648 Aerator

The unique design of the ProCore 648 puts the wheels in front of the aeration head so that you can make pass after pass without running over cores or freshly aerated turf. This prevents damage to the turf and the fresh holes, and makes cleanup easier. Consistently round holes are achieved by the elastomer RotaLink™ geometry that ensures tines remain vertical as they enter and exit the ground. The individually floating turf holders prevent turf lift when the tines exit the ground to maintain a true and level surface.

The ProCore 648 Aerator is also commonly known as: PC 648, PC648, corer, Toro corer, Toro aerator pro core 648



From the innovative wheels within the coring path, to the large 48″ (122cm) aeration swath, there’s nothing ordinary about the ProCore® 648 aerator. Years of research, customer input, testing and attention to detail went into making the ProCore® 648 the most productive and efficient walking aerator on the market.

The Toro® ProCore 648 aerator, with its efficient 122 cm coring swath, delivers maximum productivity. From the innovative wheel placement within the coring path to the TrueCore™ ground following system that maintains consistent coring depth, it has set a new standard for aerator innovation and performance. Pass after pass and year after year the ProCore 648 aerator from Toro helps ensure you stay ahead of the game.

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Toro Titan™ Tines

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Deeper, High Quality Holes

RotaLink™ geometry allows the tines to enter and exit the ground cleanly leaving a high quality result.

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Ease of Operation

A single switch on the handle controls the tine head and a handle bail engages forward and reverse. No shifting required. A fail safe system stops the machine and lifts the coring head if bail handle is released.

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Efficient Aeration

The ProCore 648 is more efficient with a 48 inch (121.9cm) aeration swath that is 50 – 100 percent wider than competitive units.

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High Productivity

The ProCore 648 allows you to aerate more areas in one day with the 48 inch (121.9 cm) aerating swath and clean up is easier and less labor intensive resulting in less time.

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Innovative Rear Wheel Placement

The wheels are located in front of the aeration head so they do not drive over the freshly aerated turf and run over the cores.

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Series/Parallel 3-Wheel Drive

The patented 3-wheel series/parallel traction drive, combined with high-torque, low-speed wheel motors, prevents slippage for reliable traction and even hole spacing.

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Smooth, Quiet, Powerful

To give the ProCore 648 its uncommonly smooth operation, the action of the tine arms are modeled after a six-cylinder car engine. The arms work in pairs to counterbalance the coring action. This precise configuration virtually eliminates hopping, rocking and unnecessary vibration.

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TrueCore™ Ground Following

TrueCore™ sensing system automatically maintains tine depth on the fly to match the ground undulations providing consistent coring depth of up to 4″ (10.2 cm).

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Variable Hole Spacing

The ProCore 648 gives you more control with variable hole spacing ranging from 1.5 inches to 3 inche

  • Engine: Kohler® 2-cylinder, air-cooled, gasoline 23 HP (17.2 kW) @ 3000 rpm
  • Able to aerate 604 m2 greens in about 7 hours at 5.1 cm hole spacing
  • Speed: Forward:0-5.7 km/h, reverse: 0-3.2 km/h
  • Coring width: 122cm
  • Coring depth: down to 10.2cm
  • Coring head: heavy-duty crank shaft with six “i-beam” tine arms
  • Length: 265.4cm
  • Width: 127.3cm
  • Height: 114.3cm
  • Weight: 722 kg


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