Spray Equipment

  • An industry first! This unique pump produces up to twice the flow to simultaneously achieve higher spray volumes and aggressive agitation needs. While spraying, the pump continuously agitates tank contents for a homogeneous mix and more accurate application of chemicals from start to finish, saving chemical costs and ensuring efficacy. This pump features a dry sump which eliminates the risk of oil contamination and a self-priming design that can be run dry without damage. The MultiPro 1750 is also commonly known as: MP 1750, MP1750, Multipro, Multi pro 1750, Toro multipro
  • Achieve more precision and accuracy with the all new spray system on the 300 gallon (1,136 L) Multi Pro® 5800 central control console is updated with new software to improve response time and desired spray rates from start to stop. New six-diaphragm pump supplies twice the flow for spray operation and simultaneous aggressive agitation Increase productivity, performance and versatility with a wide variety of optional accessories. The MultiPro 5800 is also commonly known as: MP 5800, MP5800, Multipro, Multi pro 5800, Toro multipro

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