• The Ventrac 4500P offers reliable performance, astounding versatility and comfortable handling. The 4500P utilises All Wheel Drive traction to tackle tough terrain and power steering on the Ventrac FlexFrame to maintain a light footprint and impressive agility. The 4500P comes equipped with the Kawasaki FD851D engine, offering multi-port digital fuel injection (DFI) for increased fuel economy as well as choke-free operation.
    • Enclosed Muffler
    • Enhanced Weight Transfer System
    • Fold-Down ROPS
    • Premium Comfort Seat
    • Onboard Diagnostic System
    • Dual Wheel or Wheel Extension Systems Available
    • 3 Tire Options 
    • Choice of +30 professional-grade attachments
  • The 4500Y is designed to utilise all wheel drive traction to tackle tough terrain and steep slopes, whilst maintaining maximum safety and a light footprint on delicate surfaces. This compact tractor is diesel and is geared for maximum performance, powered by a 25 HP Kubota D902 engine. An extremely versatile machine that can be transformed to complete any task, with over 30 specialty attachments to choose from.
    • Enhanced Weight Transfer System
    • Fold-Down ROPS
    • Multiple tyre options available: Dual wheel/wheel extension systems and 3 tread options.
    • Slope ratings: From 20° slopes (single tyres) to 30° (dual wheels)
    • Choice of +30 professional-grade attachments
  • Dual Wheels are designed to increase stability, traction, and safety on slopes. Dual wheels are also great for reduction of soil compaction on delicate ground. Once the dual hubs have been installed on each wheel, the duals can be quickly mounted and dismounted. Duals are recommended for sandy soils or where a broad distribution of tractor weight is desired, including when driving sideways on slopes greater than 20 degrees (not to exceed 30 degrees).
  • Increase your track width by 15 cm with the wheel extension kit to give your Ventrac a wider base for added stability and enable operation on side slopes of 25 degrees. This kit includes:
    • 4 wheel extensions included in the kit
    • Additional 15 cm track width (7.6 cm per wheel)
    Note: If additional weight distribution and stability is needed, consider upgrading to the dual wheel kit.

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