Unveiling the TurfKing TK1502 from SMG for Optimum Playing Conditions

Elevate your artificial turf care to new heights with the #SMG #TurfKing #TK1502 brush and vacuum system. Designed for compact tractors with a power range of 20 to 25 HP, this device ensures clean sports surfaces and optimum playing conditions. Conventional brush rows and drag mats fall short, but TurfKing TK1502 excels in deep cleaning and loosening sand-filled and/or rubber-filled artificial turf. Its 3-point rear-mount type accessory combines essential functions in one compact machine, making it easy to connect and use. With precise working depth adjustment via adjusting spindles, the TurfKing adapts to various turf conditions. Experience the power of SMG dust filters, complying with industry standards, ensuring a dust-free, high-performance operation.