60V MAX Flex-Force Power System | Toro® Lawn Mowers & Yard Tools

Flex-Force is about bringing you flexible power. The Flex-Force Power System® is Toro’s most advanced line of battery-powered, cordless yard equipment and tools for ultimate flexibility and performance. Commanding a full line of cordless lawn tools, Toro’s Flex-Force Power System® is the one system you need to finish everything without sacrificing anything.

Push your tools harder, for longer using the 60V fully interchangeable battery, which works across the entire team of Toro’s battery-powered tools. The Flex-Force Power System® brings you the battery-powered lawn equipment you’ve always dreamed of. The equipment is easy, fast, and quiet.

Interchange Toro’s 60V Max most powerful battery in its class† seamlessly between each of the Flex-Force Power System® battery-operated lawn equipment products. Innovative “3P” battery stack design delivers big-time. Giving you 3 times the power, higher max performance, and the ability to push your tools harder, for longer.** Thanks to RunSmart® technology, with onboard intel, battery power output is optimized in real time, giving your battery a longer life.