More Comfort, More Productivity – Your Crew Deserves It

At Toro, we don’t view comfort as a luxury. It’s a solid business strategy. More comfort means more uptime, more safety, more committed and efficient crews, more jobs done right in a day, more employee retention, more money in the bank.

Because the more comfortable you and your crew are, the more you can focus on the job at hand and doing it right the first time. And then, moving on to the next job and the next, day after day, month after month, and season after season.

All Z Masters are designed specifically to meet the demands of today’s most successful landscape contractors. Whether you’re a big operation or a small one, it always comes back to operator comfort.

Our signature smooth suspension seats, made of high grade materials, resist breaking down in the elements and mold to your body for consistent, personalized comfort. Fully adjustable forward and backward with an armrest adjustment up and down, our seats are built to keep you moving. Meaning your crew stays comfortable day after day to tackle any work you throw at them.

Dual USB ports keep you powered. No more worries about not being able to take a call because of a dead battery. And cup holders for a supersized caffeine or energy drink. Time is money, and tired cuts into time. Z Masters are built to work with you. No More going back to the truck for a trimmer or blower, thanks to intuitive accessory mounts. This is efficiency at its finest.

Safety is part of comfort too. Have confidence and security with an anti-slip deck pad, floor pan pad, and step up front frame pad, which are made for ultimate and supremely easy access while on the job or trailer.

At Toro, we’ve gone the extra mile because we know comfort and safety mean more money in your pocket from start to finish.