Seeding a New Yard with the Ventrac Broadcast Spreader

The ES220 Broadcast Spreader is a work-saving way to install a new lawn into any space, small or large. In this video, we show you how to get a start on a beautifully planted lawn to accompany this newly built home. The freshly trodden ground around a new home is often rough and ungraded. With the help of Ventrac implements, you can easily prepare the ground into soft, graded material, receptive to grass seed and fertilizer.

Commonly, seed distribution is done by walk-behind equipment, which can be a laborious and difficult task for large lawns. The Broadcast Spreader is a much more efficient and work-saving way to distribute seed than a walk behind or a ride-on spreader while still preserving the integrity of your surface. As with any Ventrac implement, ease of attachment is important. It takes just a few seconds to join the rear two-inch receiver hitch and attach the 12-volt plug. The spreader is capable of being rear or front mounted. The spreader features a simple on/off access lever located just over the operator’s right shoulder which minimizes waste of seed material and prevents over-applying in specific areas.