Ventrac | Safer and Better Looking Athletic Field

urf compaction is a very common problem that can cause unhealthy grass that leads to less than optimal playing surfaces. Compaction happens most often on sports fields and in high foot traffic areas. The Ventrac Aera-Vator is the answer to this problem.

The Aera-Vator is a tool that aerates turf with no mess to clean up—the area can be used immediately after treatment. The heavy-duty tines vibrate as it breaks up the soil to allow for increased water flow and oxygen to the roots. As an added benefit, the seeder box can be attached with the Aera-Vator to allow the operator to over-seed at the same time it aerates and loosens up the ground below. Regular aerating with the Ventrac Aera-Vator can create an overall safer playing field with a healthier turf.