Motorola’s IRRInet system is a cutting-edge solution for remote control and monitoring of irrigation and water applications. The system is designed to meet the rigorous demands of irrigation and water management applications for three main groups: agriculture and viticulture, turf & landscape irrigation, and water supply.

IRRInet provides farmers and municipalities with an easy solution to control their farms or urban landscaping remotely regardless of size or distance. IRRInet’s wireless control systems are the efficient and professional way to save money and minimise the use of scarce resources.

Mottech IRRInet

Water Management Solutions

Waitakere Dam - Auckland City Council

Water Supply

IRRInet allows councils and water corporations to automatically control and synchronise multiple water sources in response to changing water demands, while monitoring water lines, reservoir levels and water quality. Its robust, built-in applications for water management systems, along with its distributed logic and control capabilities, means that each field controller can be systematically and remotely managed via the main control center.


Vineyard Irrigation New Zealand
Forsyth Barr Stadium Image

Sports Facilities

IRRInet irrigation improves the control of sports grounds irrigation, providing highly accurate irrigation, rapid detection of water leakages, water budget control and advanced scheduled reporting. Designed to manage thousands of valves, water meters, sensors and head controls, the system can also receive data from third-party sources (PLC, weather stations) and automatically adjusting water quantity according to the daily ET.

Councils & Parks

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Orakei Domain
Agricultural Irrigation Control System

Agriculture & Horticulture

Our robust and reliable irrigation and water supply control system enables monitoring and control to achieve precise and professional irrigation while saving energy, manpower, fertilizer and water costs. The IRRInet system is a tailor-made solution built according to the requirements of the farm, orchard, vineyard or nursery. We have solutions for every type of area size, number of elements, number of users and professional requirements.

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Water & Irrigation Control Systems