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Toro MultiPro 1750

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An industry first! This unique pump produces up to twice the flow to simultaneously achieve higher spray volumes and aggressive agitation needs. While spraying, the pump continuously agitates tank contents for a homogeneous mix and more accurate application of chemicals from start to finish, saving chemical costs and ensuring efficacy. This pump features a dry sump which eliminates the risk of oil contamination and a self-priming design that can be run dry without damage.

The Toro Multi Pro® 1750 has many new innovative features that improve the vehicle performance and enhance the precision and control of the spray system. Every facet of the Multi Pro® 1750 is engineered to give the operator unrivaled and intuitive control of the vehicle and sprayer control system, delivering unsurpassed spray accuracy and precision.

  • QuickFind™ Sprayer Operator Console
  • 662 L (145 gal) Tank with 6 Diaphragm Pump
  • Ground Drive Proportional Pumping System
  • Compact and Manoeuvrable With Low Turf PSI

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Product Overview

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Multi Pro 1750 Sprayer Calibration

Details to follow for calibrating the sprayer system on the MultiPro 1750, includes the catch test and tractor speed calibration.