A Perfect Fit – Narrow Sidewalk Broom Simple Start – Ventrac

The Ventrac Sidewalk Snow Broom is perfectly sized for sidewalk snow removal on walkways, parking lot paths, and entryways with a 48-inch angled working width. The physical footprint of this broom is designed to perfectly pair with the tractor, making limited operating space no longer an issue.

The broom features a unique center pivot design allowing it to angle 30 degrees left or right. It has a working width of 52” and when angled it has a working width of 48” which allows it to fit on a 48” sidewalk with no overlap.

A notable advantage on this attachment is a top-mounted hydraulic drive motor which allows it to be as compact as possible when working in tight areas and not have any extra shielding hanging off the side. Dual jack stands are included on this broom for stability during storage or trailering.

With a faster tip speed and an increased hydraulic capacity, this broom clears down to pavement effortlessly. The 24-inch diameter broom has easily replaceable wafer bristles, capable of clearing snow, debris, and material in the most profitable way.

The operator has the ability to control the actual broom speed independent of the tractor RPMs and allows for rotation direction of the broom. This means the brush rotation can be changed from forward to reverse with the need to move material away from objects like buildings and doorways or vehicles.

With all of the features packed into this Narrow Broom, it will make an excellent addition to any snow contractor’s fleet.