Prepare Seed Beds & Level Drives With The Ventrac KP540 Power Rake – Simple Start

The Ventrac Power Rake is an excellent tool for finish-grading or renovation work on dirt or gravel surfaces. Leveling rough ground, new yard installation and removing surface rocks and debris are just a few of the jobs this machine does well.

The Power Rake might be best known for its ability to renovate gravel driveways compacted and ruined by heavy traffic and winter conditions. One reason the Power Rake is perfect for this job is because of the tractor’s articulating and oscillating action combined with a light footprint. This makes it the perfect choice for delicate surfaces that would be too disrupted by a skid steer or larger tractor.

The Power Rake’s unique mechanism of action is 72 carbide tips that pulverize and refine the soil or surface. Materials broken up can then be moved forward or to either side by hydraulically angling the drum left or right. The drum can then be reversed to allow back-dragging of soils.

The compact design of the Power Rake allows for work in tight quarters including around corners and edges of your property.
Power Rake has a working width of 54 inches and can angle left and right up to 18 degrees.
With the addition of dual wheels to the tractor, contractors can use this attachment on job sites with slopes up to 30 degrees.