Ventrac | Better, Faster, & More Cost Effective Than Weed Eating! – Tough Cut & Boom Mower

How to cut time weed eating on steep slopes in half or less with a Ventrac.

The Ventrac and its attachments operate in areas where the alternative is usually a crew of people with hand tools. Brad Stoller of Brad’s Lawn Care is on-site showing Aaron a property his crew primarily maintains with string trimmers. This particular stretch of land is the back-side of a dam behind a 37-acre lake. Brad explains why it is important to keep this area maintained for various inspections and maintenance. Here to try and eliminate as much string trimming as possible, Aaron tackles the steep slope with the Ventrac Tough Cut and Boom Mower attachments.

With Ventrac, cost and labor savings are maximized all while providing a more consistent finished product. Ventrac tractors are already capable of driving in places where most machines cannot. Combine that with the Boom Mower which reaches over 9 feet away from the tractor and you have one of the best combinations of equipment in existence for managing tough vegetation on difficult terrain. And while most boom mowers connect to the middle or back of the machine, making them hard for the operator to see during use, the Ventrac boom mower attaches to the front of the tractor, providing the best possible visibility and control.