Ventrac | Fine Cut Flail Mower Turns Field Into Manicured Lawn

Ventrac’s Fine Cut Flail Mower Turns Mangled Field Into A Manicured Lawn Today we’re in front of Ventrac headquarters, and we’re going to show our 72-inch Fine Cut Flail Mower in action. This field is one that surrounds our factory, and we don’t mow it weekly like some of the other areas.

It’s too overgrown for a finish mower, which would get overwhelmed and leave a lot of clumping. This is the perfect application for the Flail Mower because it can take this tall grass that is a lot denser than finish turf and turn it into something that looks like finish turf when it’s complete.

We’re taking this grass down from a 12-18 inch height down to 3.5 inches. We are using the Fine Cut Flail on this area over the Fast Cut Flail because the Fine Cut version uses flat blades that pull the grass up and leave a little bit of a more superior finish when we’re done. If this grass was 2-3 times taller than it is, we might opt for the Fast Cut Flail so that we can cruise at a faster operating speed.

The out-front operation of the Ventrac Flail means that the mower is the first thing to hit the uncut grass, and you’re not going to be driving over the grass before you get to it with the deck. All this improves cut quality and makes it easier for the operator to see what is going on as they can maneuver around anything in the way.

We still want this overgrown area to look nice, and you’ll notice that this deck stripes incredibly well even in grass that is not perfect finish turf. This field ended up being rather wet as we got to mowing, and the Flail Mower kept up quite well, with no issues, leaving an excellent finished result. We’ll also show how to flip the deck with no tools and show you how the mower handled the wet, dense grass.