Ventrac Tractor Boom Mower – Real World Work. Doing What other Tractors Won’t

Watching real world work with the Ventrac Boom Mower is one of the best ways to see yourself using this piece of equipment. Designed for property managers who want to maintain difficult areas with minimal labor, the Boom Mower has the stability and reach to manage vegetation further away from the machine than other equipment. The cutting head of the boom mower is a double action sickle bar which is excellent at cutting a wide variety of material and in different positions.

Thin native grasses, cat-tails, shrubs and hedges, or even tree branches are all easily cut with the sickle head. The arm is easily operated from the SDLA hand control for a 142″ reach vertically from the ground and 115″ reach from the outside of single wheels. As always, it is easy to switch attachments in minutes to complete another job.

Since the cutting head is a sickle bar, cut material doesn’t go flying in all directions. Instead, it simply falls over. The boom mower also keeps the operator on the tractor, away from the work being done. This boom mower folds into itself when not in use for easy, compact storage in the barn or on a trailer, providing extra space for additional equipment. Schedule your demo to see how the Ventrac Boom Mower will save you time and money.