Whether hosting the world’s best athletes or local people at a park down the street, Parkland can provide a great irrigation system that saves water and is environmentally friendly. Advanced sprinklers and controllers ensure that turf is watered more accurately, more efficiently, more dependably and more affordably.  

Parkland’s service solutions include design, installation, technical support and on-site service.

Irrigation in Football Stadium

Parks & Sports Grounds Irrigation Solutions

Sprinkler System at a Park

IRRInet Control System

IRRInet irrigation improves the control of sports grounds irrigation, providing highly accurate irrigation, rapid detection of water leakages, water budget control and advanced scheduled reporting. Designed to manage thousands of valves, water meters, sensors and head controls, the system can also receive data from third-party sources (PLC, weather stations) and automatically adjusting water quantity according to the daily ET.

TORO Sprinklers & Controllers

TORO Sprink;er

Environmentally friendly irrigation systems