Ventrac | Ugly Dead Spot in Yard Brought Back to Life in One day with One Tractor

Bradley Fink, the owner of Blue Cord Property Care, uses a Ventrac 4500 to provide exceptional turf care services, grading, and more to the surrounding Coatesville, Pennsylvania area.
In this video, he demonstrates a three-step process to fix a problem area on this homeowner’s lawn. Blue Cord Property Care has lawn excavation and landscape grading expertise to make the best recommendations and necessary improvements to this property.

Yards often need grading to allow for proper drainage. In this case, the homeowner is experiencing uneven terrain caused by erosion from improper drainage. Combined with a lack of sunshine in this particular area, the grass has not grown properly, encouraging more run-off damage over time.

Brad starts the soil site prep by grading the existing base layer of the ground. By doing this, he is creating a stable first layer and a foundation for the next step. He uses the Ventrac KP540 Power Rake attachment to level the rough ground layer. The Power Rake is the best tool to revitalize the surface by pulverizing and refining the soil.

And once the ground is leveled and covered in a dense layer of dirt, Brad uses the HE482 Power Bucket to quickly transfer six cubic yards of topsoil to the site where he will use the Power Rake to distribute evenly. The Power Bucket is the most indispensable attachment and is best used for transferring material from one location to another, eliminating hours of hand labor.

With the seedbed adequately groomed, the EA600 AERA-Vator with Seedbox is used to seed the area efficiently. The AERA-Vator’s unique design of heavy-duty vibrating tines fractures the turf surface to allow for increased water and oxygen absorption. The practice of laying new grass seed while aerating increases the odds of germination for a thicker and healthier lawn.