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Parkland gets it – between keeping up your busy lifestyle and maintaining your home (especially in the summer season) it can be difficult to keep everything in order!

Whether keeping your front yard trimmed, choosing an automatic or mechanical tap timer, ensuring your veggie garden is watered or deciding which mower collection system is right for you, we are here to help.

Homeowner Mowers Available

DIY Guides and Resources

With a range of DIY guides and resources available exclusively for you, feel free to take what you need on the go. With the right direction and guidance to setting your home up correctly; you can create an efficient gardening system, even coming with the option for automation. This can be really useful for those family holidays at the beach!

DIY Grip Guide

A guide to help you understand drip watering and how to install

DIY Spray Guide

A guide to help select the right spray type

Automating Your Watering

A guide to show you how to automate your watering

Homeowner Products Available

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Homeowner Gardening Products Available