A comprehensive, advanced, and professional irrigation and water control management system. The Motorola IRRInet System is a cutting-edge solution for remote control and monitoring for irrigation and water applications. The system is designed to meet the rigorous demands of irrigation and water management applications in three main industries: agricultural irrigation, turf & landscape irrigation, and water supply.

Motorola’s IRRInet system is recognised worldwide as one of the leading systems available in the market today, offering advanced, forward-thinking, and robust irrigation controller solutions. Motorola’s stringent standards ensure that Motorola controllers continue to work year after year even in the harshest conditions.

Mottech IRRInet

Water Management Solutions

Full Irrigation Software System


IRRInet CONNECT serves as an irrigation programming app, providing irrigation techs and contractors with the on-site ability to control and monitor the entire system of controllers. The system is fast, simple, intuitive and easy to use. With a mobile app, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communication technology, it has never been easier to programme and control valves and flow monitoring.


Water Management Software
Mottech Decoder System

Mottech Decoder System (MDS)

The MDS is a reliable, highly efficient 2-wire decoder solution that provides a huge reduction in the amount of buried wire used for valve control, while adding flexibility for future expansion of existing systems. Each decoder connected to the 2-wire cable functions as a switching mechanism providing 24V AC to each valve, monitoring critical solenoid parameters. Real two-way communication between the interface and the decoders gives diagnostic capabilities for monitoring the general health of the system.

Piccolo XR & XR Plus

2-way low power radio for irrigation communication
Controller for Irrigation


IRRInet M provides a powerful, cost-effective water management tool that is well suited for automation and monitoring of irrigation water control and management applications. It is a powerful and intelligent RTU that supports both digital and analog I/Os as well as diverse remote communication capabilities. Available in three operating models: Master Controller; Satellite Controller; and Stand-Alone Mode.



Taking Control Of Your Irrigation System Has Never Been Easier!

What You’ll Get With Our Wireless Water Control & Management Systems

  • Dynamic, accurate and automatic allocation of water and irrigation quantities.
  • A reliable, proven system for both small and large scale operations.
  • Secure access for authorized personnel, with various authorization options available.
  • Complete flexibility, with a variety of options with how to operate and monitor the system from anywhere at any time.
  • Customised charts and scheduled reports.
  • Real time alerts.