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Grillo G45 Rotary Hoe

$3,267 Incl. GST

The Grillo G45 is a compact walking tractor, ideal for working in narrow spaces both in horticulture or gardens. Perfectly balanced, it is fitted with a 2 speed- gearbox with gears in oil-bath and a forward and a reverse gear. The counter – rotating tines till even the hardest soil in spite of its reduced sizes and light weight. The tines and wheels move in opposite direction allowing the walking tractor to perfectly adhere to the ground enabling the user to work with minimum effort. There is no need to push down hard on the handlebar, just allow the walking tractor to move forwards under its own power.  This is the perfect rotary hoe/tiller for land maintenance on lifestyle blocks, small farms or semi-commercial applications.

  • 50 cm tilling width
  • Counter rotating tines
  • All gear drive
  • Adjustable handles with anti-vibration
  • 1 forward + 1 reverse gear
  • Front balance weight

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Grillo G45 has gearbox driven tines and is suitable for tough jobs in top end domestic or semi-commercial applications. The counter-rotating tiller is used to break the superficial layer of the ground so that its permeability is increased and at the same time, rid the soil of weeds. The counter-rotating tines design increases the stability and performance, allowing the G45 to cling to the ground and till the soil more aggressively, whilst minimising disturbance if the machine comes into contact with roots or objects. The G45 is designed to work on hard, densely packed soil.


Furrower behind the rotary tiller (code. 944622)

Weight: 3kg

Applied to: G45, G46, G52, G84, G85d

Price: $193

  • Engine: Kohler 3000 Series OHV
  • Start: recoil starter
  • Supply fuel: Petrol
  • Displacement 196 cc, 1 Cylinder Power 5.5 HP (4.1 kW)
  • Air cooled
  • Dry air filter with interchangeable filter cartridges
  • Fuel tank capacity: 3 L
  • Drive: Gears in oil bath Gearbox: 1 forward gear and 1 reverse gear
  • Standard rotary tiller: Tiller with contra-rotating tines and adjustable side board walls Working depth: 50 cm
  • Hoe system diameter: 28 cm
  • Working width: 50 cm
  • Working depth: 13 cm P.T.O. 644 rpm with anticlockwise rotation
  • Wheels: 4.00-8 Tractor Speed: forward gear 2.5 km/h, reverse gear 1.6 km/h
  • Handlebar: with height adjustment
  • Safety devices: Active coupling & Automatic disengagement of the tiller in reverse gear
  • External sizes of the wheels: 400 mm with 4.00-8 tractor wheels
  • Weight: 82 kg.

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