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Grillo X-Trimmer - Trimmer Mower

Grillo X-Trimmer is a wheeled trimmer/mower which is ideal for cutting grass in rural areas and to carry out finishing work around trees and other obstacles. It can be used as a mower for small and level ground areas. It is very light, compact and maneuverable and has an innovative design.

The main feature of the Grillo X Trimmer is the left- inclined body which allows the nylon cord to cut beyond the left wheel area. You can comfortably follow a straight trajectory, and cut with precision near posts, walls or fences. In order to allow a higher degree of safety, the clockwise rotation of the cutting head throws the grass in the opposite direction to that of the operator.

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Cutting Width and Height

Cutting width is 450 mm and allows you to reach even the most difficult areas and achieve a perfect finish. Cutting heights are 45 and 57 mm. The square section cutting line is long-lasting and ensures high performance. Its replacement is quick: just lean the handlebar on the ground and the cutting system is easy to access.

New fixed cutting head

The Grillo X Trimmer has a new fixed cutting head: it does not rotate together with the cord holder plate but is fixed: in this way, the cutting head is prevented from wearing due to long work periods on asphalt or sandy areas. The head is mounted on quality bearings thus ensuring its reliability and long life.

Adjustable Handlebar

The adjustable handlebar adapts to any operator. Soft rubber handlebar grips make work even more comfortable. The lever to engage the cutting head rotation is easy-to-operate and gradual.

Kevlar Transmission Belt

The transmission belt between the engine and cutting system is made of kevlar, very hard wearing and reliable. The wheels which are mounted on ball bearings, and the perfect balance of the machine allows you to transport it with minimal effort as well as use it on uneven ground.

Petrol Briggs & Stratton 575EX OHV Engine

The machine is fitted with a petrol Briggs & Stratton 575EX OHV engine. The fuel tank capacity is 0,8 L. The engine has a 140cc displacement and incorporates the latest technical innovations such as overhead valves, ensuring reliability, low emissions, reduced consumption, high performance and the vibration is reduced to the minimum. The engine, equipped with Ready Start System, is very easy to start.

Safety is key

The Grillo X Trimmer has 2 separate protections on the machines frame. The first one can be side-adjusted to direct the cut grass; the second one, made of steel, prevents grass or other potentially dangerous objects from being thrown towards the operator. To complete the safety equipment, protection glasses and suitable work clothes must always be worn by the operator.

  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 575EX OHV
  • Start: recoil starter
  • Supply fuel: Petrol
  • Displacement: 140 cc, 1 Cylinder
  • Power:  3 HP (2.2 kW)
  • Air cooled
  • Dry air filter
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.8 L
  • Cutting configuration: 2 double cablepairs
  • Cutting width: 450 mm
  • Cutting height: Adjustable at 45 and 57 mm
  • Wheels: 250 mm mounted on bearings
  • Wheel axle: Fixed
  • Standard features: Adjustable side grass-guard baffle
  • External sizes of the wheels: 420 mm
  • Weight: 30 kg

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