Is the Grillo Climber 4WD?

No. All Grillo Climbers are 2WD. This ensures very good maneuverability, tight turning circles due to a lightweight rack and pinion steering system. Grip retention and hill climbing ability come from lugged tractor tyres, most of the weight located above the driving wheels and from the ability to lock the rear differential.

What prevents the Grillo Climber from sledging out of control coming down steep slopes?

Coming down a slope less than say 20 deg the hydrostatic transmission prevents the machine from getting away. On steeper slopes, the force of gravity causes normal tractor type mowers to sledge out of control but this does not happen with the Climber. The differential lock enables both wheels to stay connected with the ground….

Is the Grillo Climber robust enough to handle operating on tough terrain day-in, day-out?

9 series Climbers are designed to handle conditions that are heavy duty. They will handle consistent use in thick, heavy, rough grass that is damp or even with high moisture content. Even thin saplings up to 25mm can be mown down. Naturally, obstacles such as tree trunks, rocks and other solid objects should be avoided.  7…