Ventrac – Your Multi-Purpose Tractor


Made in the USA, Ventrac tractors provide the all in one solution that golf courses, contractors, and grounds keepers are all looking for. Ventrac machines make all the difference with their versatility, their light footprint, and their ease of use. Get one machine, and choose from 30+ attachments. There’s an attachment for every job.

*Offer ends 31st August 2024. Promotion applies to new Ventrac tractor units. Promotion only applies to listed Ventrac models on Prior purchases not eligible. Please enquire for more details. Parkland reserves the right to modify, alter or withdraw the promotion at anytime.


Operate in Wet Conditions

Move across delicate turf without creating ruts or damaging grass

Heavy Brush Mowing

Cut overgrown areas with optimal visibility with out-front attachments.

Designed for Slopes

Mow extreme hills up to 30° with exceptional stability and control

Why Choose A Ventrac Tractor?

Up to 30 Degrees Ventrac

Made for Slopes

Ventrac’s slope capabilities will elevate your operational experience to the next level. With a unique blend of features that no other machine can offer, Ventrac provides exceptional stability and control on slopes. Up to 30 Degree slopes with dual wheel attachment.

Ventrac Tractor flex-frame


Ventrac FlexFrame allows the 4500 tractor to both articulate and oscillate. These benefits allow the machine to crawl over terrain no matter how it changes, allowing more stability and capability to work on surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat.

All-Season Performance
by Ventrac

All-Season Performance

The Ventrac 4520 boasts exceptional all-season capabilities, seamlessly adapting to various terrains and weather conditions with its versatile attachments, allowing efficient operation year-round.

Ventrac Quick Connect

Quick Connect

The Ventrac Mount System raises the standard for how tractors should connect to their attachments. Switching between attachments should never take a lot of time or effort. 

All-Wheel Drive

Full-time, all-wheel hydrostatic drive delivers maximum performance and traction to help you get the job done.

Downhill Braking

Quick hydrostatic braking allows operators to confidently slow down, stop and reverse on hills.

Know Your Degree

Know your degree of operation for increased safety on slopes. Optional slope degree gauge is available.

Traction Control

Ventrac’s innovative weight transfer system improves traction, braking, and side-slope steering security by shifting a portion of the front attachment weight onto the tractor.

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Ventrac FOR

Golf Courses & Grounds

Safety. Quality. Capability. These traits define a fleets value for golf courses everywhere. Ventrac is designed to maximize value and set the benchmark in these performance categories.

Ventrac’s design and patented controls make it stable and safer on steep slopes and challenging terrain. Ventrac’s specialized attachments are all engineered to perform individual tasks with impeccable results.

The entire system is the pinnacle of machine capability, safety and quality, and results in unmistakable advantages both on paper and where it matters the most: on your course.

Ventrac FOR

Vineyards & Agriculture

Ventrac tractors and attachments offer incredible solutions for vineyards, orchards and agricultural businesses.

Keep your vineyard grounds looking elite with the best in property management equipment.

Front mounted attachments provide excellent in between row visibility. Ventrac’s low profile and compact nature make it an ideal tractor to get in and around tight quarters while all-wheel-drive is useful when navigating on uneven terrain and slopes.

Ventrac FOR

Landscape Contractors

Ventrac is the chosen brand for many landscape contractors worldwide. Its powerful innovation and versatility mean that you can perform a wide variety of landscaping tasks with a single machine

Make Bigger Margins With Your Landscape Crew!

Find out why landscape industry leaders are turning to Ventrac to strengthen and grow their business! This innovative machine opens the door to add new revenue generating services and a wider customer base.

You can meet more customers’ needs with this ONE versatile machine. Gain the edge over your competition and accelerate your business’ growth and profitability with Ventrac.

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