Ventrac AWD compact tractors offer a unique combination of benefits that no other piece of equipment can offer. With over 30 commercial-grade attachments to choose from, you can transform your Ventrac to complete a range of specialist tasks.

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Mowing on a golf slope

Golf & Grounds

Ventrac is designed to maximise safety and complete a versatile range of specialised tasks required by golf courses with exceptional quality. Ventrac’s design and patented controls make it stable and safer to operate on steep slopes, challenging terrain and wet conditions.

Mowing between the vines

Vineyards & Agriculture

Ventrac tractors and attachments offer incredible solutions for vineyards, orchards and agriculture businesses. Its low profile and compact nature make it an ideal tractor to get in and around tight quarters, while its all-wheel-drive is utilised to navigate uneven terrain.

Mowing thick brush

Landscape Contractors

Ventrac is the chosen brand for many landscape contractors worldwide. Its powerful innovation and versatility mean that you can perform a wide variety of landscaping tasks with a single machine. Easily meet more customers’ needs and grow your business with Ventrac.


Versatility that works

Front Mounted Attachments

Ventrac attachments are designed to be mounted in front of the tractor which allows Ventrac operators see the work out front, resulting in superior visibility, increased confidence and creates a safer environment for the operator. Front-mounting also reduces uneven mowing and gives you the ability to reach farther under trees, fence rows, and other low height areas where other tractors can’t mow.

Superior on Slopes

Ventrac is the safer and more stable solution for operating on slopes thanks to its AWD function, traction control, wide stance, low center of gravity and full time ground contact. The Ventrac 4500 also can perform on slopes up to 30 degrees (58% grade), when equipped with dual wheels.

An All-Weather Performer

One of the most important benefits that Ventrac machines provide is the ability to operate on soft, wet conditions, even on the most delicate turf. The Ventrac 4500 has a light footprint, all-wheel drive, and floatation tires which help the tractor move across the turf without creating ruts or tearing out the grass by its roots. Even in boggy, conditions, Ventrac machines minimise turf disturbance through their additional dual wheel kit, which spreads the weight of the machine out.

Your ‘One Tractor’ Solution

Ventrac has developed over 30 commercial-grade specialist attachments that are compatible with the 4500 series. With one machine, you can complete a range of tasks including mowing (finish mowing, reel mowing, contour, brush mowing etc.), cultivation (aerating, seeding, leaf management) and renovation (digging, loading, backfilling, transporting, trenching, stump grinding etc).


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