Growers rely on a reliable supply of water to achieve plant health.  Without the right amount of moisture in the root zone, fruit and vegetable quality may be compromised and crop yields will be lower – outcomes that no horticulturalist or wine grower can afford. 

The answer is a quality irrigation system including world class control technology.  A system that can be run remotely using your smart phone or computer with great reporting and diagnostic functions, providing complete control over when and where water is applied. 

Durable TORO sprinklers, Aquatraxx drip tape and Neptune micro irrigation products are manufactured to deliver the exact amount of water needed.  Our fertigation systems help deliver required nutrients through the irrigation system. 

The financial and environmental benefits of a good irrigation system are huge.  Parkland’s team of experts can design and supply a complete system to save you time and money and to help achieve your crop quality and yield objectives.

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The Toro Range

Winter Lettuce and Radish

Aqua-Traxx Premium Drip Tape

Aqua-Traxx® premium drip tape can help you increase yield and water-use efficiency, and also improve crop quality by putting water and fertiliser right where you need them. With emitter spacing options for all soils, the widest selection of flow rates available on the market, superior clogging resistance and seamless construction for durability, this is one of the best drip tapes ever created.

Neptune PC Dripline

Corn Dripline Irrigation
Sprinklers for orchards, vineyards and nurseries

Waterbird Sprinklers

A range of sprinklers engineered to improve water application for under tree and vine installations. Ideal range of options to suit orchards, nurseries and vineyards.

NGE Drip Emitters and Spider Assemblies

Greenhouse of Tomato Plants Growing

Save money, increase yield and improve crop quality