Michelle Remmington

Company Accountant

Management & Administration

Michelle joined the Parkland team in May 2014 initially on a temporary basis as the company accountant. By early September she had proved her management experience and was hired on a full time basis.

Michelle’s interests are in most sports, in particular badminton which her family has played for many years. She has also been a keen runner, having completed a couple of half marathons. However she has since been on the slow road back to recovery after a series of injuries putting her fitness on the back burner. Also having a love of motor sports, Michelle and her husband have done Rally Rats which involves timing of service crews for rallies!

Born in Fiji as a self confessed “Air Force Brat”, she was raised in Henderson, Auckland and sees herself as a “true Westie”.

Her role as Company Accountant covers a ‘multitude of sins’ – meaning you might one day discuss a payment or billing query with her!

Passionate about making the numbers work and make sense, Michelle is keen to get to grips with Parkland’s SAP system and figuring out how best to utilise it.    She loves knitting; wait til she has grandchildren (in a few more years) – they will have the best gear!

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