Steve Wratt

Warehouse Supervisor


Steve joined Parkland as a storeman in 2004. He has a strong background in supply and logistics. Previously, Steve began his career with eight years in the Royal New Zealand Navy as a Stores Accountant. At the end of 2009 Steve was promoted to Warehouse Supervisor.

In his role, Steve is primarily responsible for the management of warehouse inventory and staff. He is the one that makes sure orders are picked and shipped out to the customer on time and in full. He also ensures that the inwards goods are receipted on the day they arrive and for accurate stock control. More often than not you will see him practicing his latest dance move in the warehouse in preparation for a night out.

In his spare time Steve loves to cook, drink coffee, go mountain biking and walking. There have been rumors of him dressing up in an elf costume over the weekends to slay dragons online. However, this has never been proved.

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