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The Dumper 507 is a powerful and versatile track carrier for transporting of various types of material in various applications. The completely mechanized traction allows the full exploitation of the engines power; rubber tracks with chain links made of steel as well as optional high performing engine models are the basis for a useful carrying capacity of 500 kg. Thanks to the large number of connectable accessories the Dumper 507 is not only a simple carrier, but an all round multi-purpose equipment vehicle!

The body with its floor and side boards made of steel, has a wide load platform and is equipped with hooks to secure the load. The body can be enlarged, side boards can be blocked horizontally enabling large bulky loads to be carried. The body, in standard form, is manual front tipping; by means of an optional hydraulic kit, tipping can be made via hydraulics. Dumper 507 is compact with a low center of gravity. These characteristics ensure stability and safety especially on slopes.

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Gearbox and Control

500 kg capacity and 8.7 km/h maximal speed allows fast transportation of whatever load. With 4 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, you will always get the correct gear ration to amply meet all requirements of the numerous possibilities of use.


All control levers of the Dumper 507 are ergonomic and easy to use. The levers were designed so to reduce the necessary force required to activate them, with simple to operate controls. Dumper 507 can make very tight curves by keeping one rubber track blocked as well as with a modulated radius also a wide radius. It’s that easy!

Reliable, long lasting and safe

The Dumper 507’s rubber tracks are supported by steel rollers mounted on bushings and grease points, these are very important features to ensure high reliability and longevity over the years. The front steel rollers are fitted with compensation springs which turn out to be useful in case of debris infiltrating the rollers or in between the rubber track and drive crown wheel thereby avoiding any damage which may occur and always ensuring that the belts are correctly tensioned.


The rubber tracks profile allows traction under types of soil conditions and gives good stability and safety especially on soils with little load bearing capacity, crumbly soil or soil located on steep slopes. No soil type is too difficult for Dumper 507!

The rubber track’s front inclination allows you to climb over steps of other obstacles. Quickly stop the Dumper 507 by simply releasing the control lever. The automatic brake of the Dumper 507 will activate immediately ensuring so an immediate stop even when fully loaded and also on slopes up to 48 degrees!

Petrol Engine options

You have the possibility to choose among two available engine types; the Robin EX 27 OHC petrol engine or the Lombardini 15LD350 diesel engine. Both engines have excellent torque characteristics at a lower rpm. The engines of Dumper 507 are modern and employ the latest technology; with low emissions and noise reduction; they are available both with recoil starter and electric starter.

Areas and Accessories

Dumper 507 is an ideal carrier for the use in the most different sectors: on the countryside, on construction sites, in snow, in agriculture, zoo-tech, industry, distribution and gardening to name just a few. There is a large range of accessories, such as the choice between two bodies, standard or “Dumper” 230 L with automatic opening. It’s possible to use the frontal hydraulic tipping system to connect an all purpose flail, sweeper, snow blade or snow thrower. A comfortable shock-absorbed folding platform helps the operator with quick transfers.

  • Engine: Robin EX27 OHC , start recoil or electric starter (Petrol) OR Lombardini 15LD350, start recoil or electric starter (Diesel)’
  • Engine HP: 8.3 HP for Robin, 7.5 HP for Lombardini
  • Displacement: 265 cc for Robin, 349 cc for Lombardini
  • Fuel tank capacity: 6.1 L for Robin engine, 4.3 L for Lombardini
  • Transmission: with oil bath gears
  • Traction: with rubber tracks with inner steel links
  • Gearbox: 4 forward gears + 3 reverse gears
  • Clutch: clutch per belt tension
  • Supporting surface of the track: 700 mm
  • Load bed: Standard version equipped with side dump boards and forward tipping system. Optional: Dumper version 230 L body forward tipping system
  • Internal size of the load bed: 100 x 65 x 20 (H 33 cm with top extension side)
  • Total load bed height: 435 mm
  • Capacity: 500 kg
  • P.T.O: 965 rpm independent on the gearbox. Right hand rotation sense
  • Speed: 1st gear 1,0 km/h, 2nd gear 2,0 km/h, 3rd gear 3,5 km/h, 4th gear 8,7 km/h, 1st reverse gear 1,0 km/h, 2nd reverse gear 2,0 km/h, 3rd reverse gear 3,5 km/h
  • Steering Wheel: with clutches in oil bath combined with brakes
  • Safety Devices: Automatic handbrake
  • Length: 171cm
  • Width: 78cm
  • Height: 108cm
  • External sizes of the track: 650 mm
  • Weight: 276 kg for Robin recoil, 288 kg for Robin electric, 286 kg for Lombardini recoil, 311 kg for Lombardini electric

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