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Toro Greensmaster 1000 Series Walk Behind Mowers

TORO Greensmaster 1000 Series of walk-behind greens mowers have been designed and engineered to bring each operator and greens mower into perfect harmony with one another. 

The new design features the industry’s first telescoping handle to deliver unparalleled cut quality and consistent playability across every green on the course. The modular design also makes the mowers easier than ever to maintain, saving significant time and money and lowering the total cost of ownership.

  • Available in 18-inch (GR1018), 21-inch (GR1021) and 26-inch (GR1026) cutting widths.
  • Powered by 3.5 HP (at 3600 RPM) Honda® GX120 engines.
  • Featuring a telescoping handle and handle isolation mounts. 


TORO’s vision for the Greensmaster 1000 Series was to create the utmost consistency in green to green playability. This revolutionary design was expertly engineered to eliminate variability among operators of different sizes and skill levels, delivering the most consistent quality-of-cut and best playing experience for golfers on each and every green.

The new Greensmaster 1000 Series takes greens mowing to a completely new level by synchronizing the machine with the operator. The 5-position, industry-first telescoping loop handle can be quickly and easily adjusted to accommodate operators of varying heights. This simple adjustment not only reduces operator fatigue but also helps eliminate the chance for variation in the quality of cut from operator to operator.

With the Greensmaster 1000 Series, the entire maintenance process is streamlined to maximize uptime without sacrificing performance, contributing to a lower overall cost of ownership.

Models in the Greensmaster 1000 Series:

Greensmaster 1018 – 18-inch (45.7 cm) cutting width
Greensmaster 1021 – 21-inch (53.3 cm) cutting width
Greensmaster 1026 – 26-inch (66 cm) cutting width

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Deck Size/Width of Cut

45.7 cm (18"), 53.3 cm (21"), 66 cm (26")

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Product Features

Hi-Lo Clip Rate Knob

Clip frequency can easily be changed in the field to mow the perimeter, collars etc. The quick-change feature also can be locked out for added control.

Reel Engagement Lever

Convenient, easy to reach location to engage reel from the operator position.

Proven Honda® GX 120 Engine

3.5 HP (at 3600 RPM) Honda engine with ample power for cutting and accessorizing.

Durable Gear Drive Transmission

Provides long life and best-in-class transmission durability. Lubricated for life, no grease points.

Telescoping Handle

Engineered to accommodate operators of different heights, for mowing in a natural upright position. Leads to less fatigue and a superior cut. Adjustable to 5 distinct handle positions.

Modular Sub-Assembly Design

Make repairs simple and quick. The engine , transmission, drum or cutting unit sub-assemblies can be easily removed for timely and cost effective replacement or repair.

Handle Isolation Mounts

Two rubber grommets eliminate minor oscillations in Height-of-Cut caused by walking strides. Delivers a consistent cutting height on each and every green for optimal playability.

Onboard Back-Lapping Option

The entire Greensmaster 1000 Series fleet can be back-lapped simultaneously without additional motors or bench tools. (Available on the GR 1021 and 1026 only).

Simple Conversion from Greens to Tees

The innovative swing axle design can quickly convert the machine from a Greens to a Tee mower by keeping the bedknife cutting edge in an optimal position for the respective cutting height and the handle location in the correct ergonomic position.

Easy-Reach Adjustable Throttle

All operator controls are within easy reach to perfect the mowing process, improve cut consistency, and enhance control – in normal and tight turn-around situations.

Traction Release Lever

Disengage the traction with a simple lever twist. Getting around the shop has never been easier!

Standard or Interlaced Grooming

Numerous quick-change options and accessories are available to help customize the cut and aftercut appearance.

Detachable DPA Cutting Units

Change cutting units in just a few minutes! Easily choose between an 8, 11 or 14 blade EdgeSeries™ reel cutting unit configuration. Simply unbolt and replace an entire cutting unit for service or a simple exchange - to avoid costly down time.

Dual Function Bail

A single bail combines safety and ease-of-operation. Convenient operation allows the mower to slow down or come to a full stop during turn-arounds without disengaging traction to line up for next mowing pass. Also ideal when using turn-around mats to preserve collar health.


EngineHonda® gas engine 3.5 HP (2.6 kw) @ 3600 RPM
Mowing Speed2.0 to 3.5 mph (3.2 to 5.6 km/h)
Cutting Width18″-26″ (46-66cm)
Height of Cut0.06 – 1.25″ (1.524 – 31.75 mm)
Number of Blades8-blade, 11-blade, and 14-blade cutting units available
Drive SystemDual position traction drum with positions for contour following or forward weight bias at higher heights of cut.
WarrantyTwo-year limited warranty
CertificationDesigned in accordance to applicable ANSI and CE specifications.
Weight95.2-108.8 kg

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  • 2023-24 Toro Performance Parts Quick Reference Guide (Full Brochure)

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