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Toro Greensmaster eTriFlex 3370 Ride-on Mower

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Meet the all-new electric Greensmaster eTriFlex range from TORO. The new Greensmaster® eTriFlex models carry no hydraulic fluid and utilize all-electric components for traction, steering, lift and cutting.

The eTriFlex 3370 model boasts a 48-volt Lithium-Ion Samsung® battery, offering a virtually silent operation on any green. This fully electric mower is very energy efficient and an extremely comfortable ride.

These EnergySmart® models are operationally friendly with noticeable noise reductions, operational cost savings, and other meaningful improvements to complement the ever-important enhancements in cutting performance.

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Product Features

All-Electric Reel Drive

In addition to eliminating hydraulic leaks, each reel motor has a nominal 1.5 horsepower (1.1 kW). This translates into the power you need when you need it for unparalleled performance in your most challenging cutting applications.

Operational Savings

The 3370 (All-Battery Model) eliminates the need for a liquid fuel source altogether.

Superior Traction

Both front wheels are powered by electric traction motors with a gear reduction. The posi-traction system improves traction over a hydraulic or mechanical differential to ensure positive two-wheel drive while minimizing tire scrubbing. *An optional 3WD Kit is available for more severe hill climbing capabilities.

Tool-Free, Quick-Change Cutting Units

A single operator can go from cutting Greens at 0.125" (3.2 mm) to cutting a Fairway at ¾" (19 mm) in just minutes. The tool-free, quick-change cutting units make it as easy as 1-2-3.

Exclusive Lift-Gate Footrest

Easy access to the center cutting unit facilitates routine maintenance and repairs, simplifies adjustments, and eliminates the need to put the traction unit on a lift for cutting unit service saving you time, money, and frustration.

Radius Dependent Speed Systems (RDS™)

The RDS™ Systems control both the speed of the reels as well as the wheels to provide a consistent even clip-rate across the cutting heads and minimize scuffing from the wheels during clean-up passes. The RDS system virtually eliminates “Triplex Ring” and ensures high quality after cut appearance.


When mowing or in transport mode, the eTriFlex Series mowers sense the steering rate of change and automatically slows the speed of the machine when aggressive turns are made. This results in reduced turf damage from skidding wheels, and provides the operator with ample control of the mower.

DPA Cutting Units

The most advanced cutting unit in the industry:• Only two adjustments• Superior height-of-cut retention• No daily greasing (stainless steel bearings)• Consistent cutting edge regardless of reel wear (patented)• Smallest bedknife increment adjustments .007 inch (.178mm)

Double A-Arm Suspension

The suspension system maintains full floatation range to prevent gouging or scalping when going over undulations.

Speed Dependent Reel Drop and Even Cut Line

When the operator is raising or lowering the cutting units while in motion, the onboard computer system calculates the exact timing to raise/lower the rear cutting unit in order to match the cut line of the front two cutting units. This allows for consistent and precise cutting maneuvers from green to green.

Familiar Operation & Controls

The operational controls for the eTriFlex series of mowers are based on the same platform as existing Greensmaster TriFlex models. This allows operators that are familiar with the TriFlex models to immediately begin running the eTriFlex models with minimal training or instruction. Just mow!

Lift-In-Turn Cutting Units

The suspension system is designed to provide a slight lift to the inside of the cutting units during turns to deliver a consistently level cut and to reduce "triplex ring" for improved playability and turf health.

Stored Energy

Eliminates clip marks at the startup of a mowing pass and provides braking power to stop reels from spinning when cutting units are disengaged for safer operation.

Proven Flex Suspension (Patented)

Superior contour following capability utilizes an integrated "Flex" linkage system to allow cutting units to pivot around the center of the front roller to master undulations and prevent side-to-side scrubbing of the putting surface.

Amazingly Quiet Operation

The 3370 & 3360 eTriFlex models run at an amazingly quiet noise level 66.5 & 73 dBA (respectively) which minimizes early morning disturbances and results in 50% lower perceived bystander noise level.

Auto-Brake on Operator Dismount

If the operator leaves the seat when the mower is running and fails to engage the parking brake, the system will sense it and automatically engage the parking brake to ensure the operator’s safety and avoid the machine rolling away.

No Onboard Hydraulic Fluid

With traction, lift, steering, and reel drive all being electric, there are no hydraulic systems on the eTriFlex Series of mowers. Sleep easy knowing that leaks or even the risk of hydraulic leaks are a thing of the past.

Balloon Style Tires

Tires have been redesigned to deliver uniform loading across the entire cross-section (load footprint area) to eliminate side wall loading that can create visible tire tracks.

EdgeSeries™ Reels

Dual Precision Adjustment (DPA) cutting units – featuring Toro’s EdgeSeries™ reels combine to deliver a consistent, high quality cut and superior after cut appearance, while reducing maintenance with improved reel edge retention.

Superior Clippings Capture

Redesigned clipping capture system maintains a consistent gap between the basket and reel to retain nearly all grass clippings for a cleaner and healthier cut. In addition, a discharge shield forces clippings inside of basket and minimizes "blow-by".


Armrests Optional
Battery 12V / 48V
Bedknife Replaceable single edged, EdgeMax™ Microcut Bedknife is standard on all cutting units.
Bedknife Adjustment Dual screw, indexed “click” adjustment to the reel; detents correspond to 0.0007" (0.018 mm) bedknife movement for each position.
Blade Style/Type Reel
Blade Type (Description) Reels are 5" (13 cm) in diameter, 21" (53.3 cm) in length. EdgeSeries™ Reels blades are welded to 5 stamped steel spiders, and heat treated. The reel is ground for diameter and concentricity, and relief ground. The reel weldment shaft is a 1.375" (35 mm) diameter tube with internally splined threaded insert. Two stainless steel ball bearings (30 mm inside diameter) slip fit onto reel shaft retained by internally splined threaded insert. Low drag seals/slingers for added protection with o-ring sealed motor and counterweight. Reel position maintained by a wave washer with no adjusting nut.
Charger Off-board high efficiency 1200W smart charger.
- AC input voltage 100-240VAC
- AC input Frequency 50/60 Hz
- Max input Current 14 A
- Max charge time, empty to full: 9 hrs.
Clip Frequency/BacklappingStandard, on-board and adjustable speed from 200–520 RPM
ControlsTraction Pedal: Forward/Neutral/Reverse; Joystick: Raise/Lower; Function control switch: Neutral, Mow, Transport; Key switch; Steering Arm Lock Pedal; Brake pedal; Parking Brake; InfoCenter; Seat Adjusting Lever; Main Power Connectors
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