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Toro ProStripe 560 Walk Behind Mower

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The TORO ProStripe leaves your turf looking at its best. This compact and manoeuvrable mower is packed with features designed to leave a precise cut and crisp stripe every time. Ideal for sports fields, landscape contractors and other fine turf applications.

  • Commercial-grade
  • Kawasaki FJ180V KAI 4-cycle engine
  • Two-piece ribbed roller
  • MatchCut™ technology
  • Heavy duty cast aluminium deck
  • Large 80 litre capacity grass-bag (reduced downtime)
  • 3-Speed transmission
  • Blade Brake Clutch transmission system.

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Designed to provide a precise cut and clean striped finish the TORO ProStripe® leaves your turf looking at its best. This compact and maneuverable mower features a two-piece ribbed roller design to leave a crisp stripe, the new MatchCut™ technology enables precision setting of the height of cut to make post-game cleanup a breeze.

Grass is lifted, cut, and cleanly collected as a result of improved airflow created by a unique blade, grass bag and deck design. And the large, 80 litre high-capacity grass bag reduces downtime emptying the bag. Operator comfort and productivity come together with the ergonomic handlebar and Blade Brake Clutch transmission system that make the mower both comfortable and easy to use.

Built for tough commercial conditions, the cast aluminium deck and Kawasaki engine provide peace of mind. Sports fields and fine turf applications – even residential gardens are no match for this high quality, versatile machine.

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Product Features

3-Speed Transmission

Conditions change, so by offering different mowing speeds, the machine can be adjusted to best match the current weather and turf conditions. Since no two operators are alike, the 3-speed transmission also allows the machine to be matched to different operators for supreme comfort.


Fine tune the cutting height with the MatchCut™ height of cut adjustment system. The system provides half-increment, 0.13" (3.2 mm), settings and is ideal for use on highly manicured areas where multiple machines are used to provide an accurate, uniform height of cut across the same area.

Blade Brake Clutch (BBC)

Operator comfort and productivity come together with the ergonomic handlebar and Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) to make the mower both comfortable and easy to use.


Deck Material Die Cast Aluminum Alloy
Deck Size 56 cm
Drive System Self-Propel
Engine Kawasaki FJ180V KAI 4-stroke
Engine Brand Kawasaki
Engine Displacement (cc) 179 cc
Fuel Type Gasoline
Product Type Walk Behind Mowers
Self Propel System Variable Speed


How do I get the best quality of cut?

To obtain the best quality of cut:

  • Set the cutting height on the front wheels one notch lower than the rear wheels. (For example, set the front wheels at 2 inches and the rear wheels at 2 3/8 inches.)
  • Make sure the blade is sharp (for best results, replace or sharpen yearly or when needed).
  • Operate the machine at full throttle.
  • Cut only 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.
  • Mow only dry grass or leaves.

If the finished lawn appearance is unsatisfactory, try one or more of the following:

  • Walk at slower pace while mowing.
  • Raise the cutting height on your mower.
  • Cut the grass more frequently
  • Overlap the cutting strips instead of cutting a full swath with each pass.
  • Alternate mowing direction to keep the grass standing straight – this helps disperse clippings, which enhances decomposition and fertilization.
  • Clean the clippings and dirt from the underside of the mower after each use. (Grass build up inside the mower will affect cutting quality.)

5 in stock (can be backordered)