All About Ventrac’s Fastest Mower Ever! – MK960 Operations Overview – Simple Start

With a cut width of 95”, this deck is the widest, most productive mowing deck in the Ventrac lineup. While it is not a direct replacement for any of the other decks offered in the Ventrac line, it does give the operator the ability to cover a lot of ground and be able to do it fast.
The Wide Area Mower Deck is perfect for contractors, municipalities and other public entities.

Consisting of a one-piece deck shell similar to our MS series mower decks, the WAM utilizes five 20-inch blades, a full width steel roller, and 3 anti-scalp wheels.

The WAM performs very well on hillsides because of the weight distribution and geometry that went into the design. With dual wheels it is rated for up to 30-degree slopes.

The cut height range is 1”-5” and adjustment is designed for easy use in the field, allowing operators to change the height of cut without the use of tools and under a minute.
The deck can be flipped up for cleaning or service just like all of the other decks in the Ventrac lineup. It can also be used on a 4500 with single wheels or dual wheels.

For those looking for the highest productivity possible, combined with ease of use and low maintenance, the Wide Area Mower is the fastest Ventrac mower available.