Easy Lawn Seeding and Fertilizing- ES220 Ventrac Broadcast Spreader Simple Start

When installing, renovating, or maintaining lawns or other grassy areas, applying seed or fertilizer can be very time-consuming. Making seed and fertilizer application easier is the ES220 Broadcast Spreader from Ventrac. Added to your tractor, this spreader accessory can over-seed or seed new lawns and apply fertilizer.

The ES220 has an electronic control box that comes standard and features speed control and an on/off switch. It can be mounted on the front or the rear of the tractor depending on your application and needs. The mounting hitch is a standard 2-inch receiver which makes this unit more versatile as it not only fits on Ventrac tractors but can also be fitted to any vehicle with a 2-inch receiving hitch.

The 4.6 cu ft capacity and spread width can be adjusted between 6-25 ft depending on the material and the adjustments on the spreader. The ES220 can spread other dry, loose materials, but it is not recommended for salt spreading.

As always, the Ventrac 4500 tractors allow you to work on hilly and difficult terrain, which gives the ES220 more flexibility to use in hard to manage places that need renovated or seeded.