Operators Guide to the Air2G2

Supplied by Campey Turf Care Systems

A handy operators guide for the AIR2G2 GT Air Inject supplied by Campey Turf Care Systems. This video guide walks you through everything you need to know to get the most from the AIR2G2, basic hints and tips, preparing for use, operating the onboard computer, adjusting the machines injection pressure, changing the tines, best practice when operating the AIR2G2, all the way through caring for the machine after use. The aim of the video is to get you ready to operate this impressive award winning piece of machinery as quickly as possible, so you can inject pressurised air 12-inches beneath the surface to increase space and promote faster drainage and root development. Please adhere to your usual recommended standards of health and safety procedures when operating this machinery on your site. Campey Turf Care Systems supply the latest state-of-the-art turf care machinery, we’re continually researching new techniques and refining many existing practices to help turf care professionals achieve perfection, helping create the world’s finest sports surfaces . For more information please visit www.campeyturfcare.com