Powerful Leaf Blower For Large Scale Clean Up – Ventrac Turbine Blower – Simple Start

The Ventrac ET200 Turbine Blower is the highest air volume blower and is best for big projects or wide-open spaces like golf courses, university campuses, or very large properties.

If you’re looking to do leaf removal on a large scale, look no further than a Turbine blower on a Ventrac. This attachment is one of the most effective ways to control leaves and other debris.
It’s also fast, easy on turf, and with full-time all-wheel drive, Ventrac can get into places that other equipment can’t.

The Turbine Blower moves air at 175mph and has a nozzle with a 360-degree range of motion selected from the operator’s seat. The blower is fitted with a caster wheel so the attachment can run in float and follow the contours of the ground. This allows you to blow leaves on hillsides, wet terrain, and delicate surfaces.

Not only blow leaves but snow and debris from sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas with the Ventrac Turbine Style Blower. It moves massive volumes of air to make clearing large areas an easy task and is maneuverable around trees, light posts and other obstacles.