Sidewalk Edging Made Easy With The Ventrac ED202 Edger – Simple Start

Ask any landscaper, there is nothing more clean and professional looking than a freshly edged sidewalk. This video showcases the many capabilities and adjustments to the Edger ED202 attachment. The Edger keeps labor costs low and efficiency up, allowing the operator to tackle miles of sidewalk, curbs and landscape beds with impressive accuracy. With the addition of the blower accessory, swiftly edge and clean up the debris in one pass. The Edger’s disc is located in the operator’s immediate line of sight, allowing full view and accuracy. With the unique ability to be angled and weighted according to differing ground conditions, the operator is in control of depth, width, and ultimate appearance. Tackle curbs and hard to reach places with an additional 12-inch extension on the disc. Simply reverse the disc to edge flower beds and gardens without the tiresome and strenuous work of hand-edging.