Tilling A Garden With Ease – The Ventrac Tiller – Simple Start

The Ventrac KL480 Tiller is a power-driven front-end attachment that allows the operator to easily monitor performance with its out-front design while preparing yard and garden soil. The Ventrac Tiller offers extraordinary advantages over a walk-behind tiller, such as productivity, safety, and maneuverability.

Whether you are establishing new garden areas or soil for other plant and landscape features, the Ventrac Tiller attachment is sure to be the most capable and easiest solution for the job. The KL480 Tiller creates deeper tillage and loose soil that is best for planting vegetable crops or preparing flower beds.

The KL480 attachment by Ventrac is different than most because it goes on the front of the machine, connected by the front hitch arms, which makes it visible for smooth operation and precision. The Tiller can be attached in less than a minute and comes with a stand for storing when not in use.

The Tiller excels at maneuverability because the tractor is articulated, allowing the operator to get into tighter areas that might otherwise only be accessible with a walk-behind tiller. Walk-behind units are much slower and dangerous while sitting on the Ventrac proves to be less labor-intensive and much more productive.

With a working width of 48 inches and a maximum working depth of 6 inches below grade, the 24 individually replaceable hardened steel tines are sequentially spaced to provide smooth and efficient tillage. Skid shoe adjustments facilitate the cutting depth of the implement and allow for consistent results.