Trench Without Turf Damage – Ventrac KY400 Trencher Simple Start

The KY400 Trencher attachment built for your Ventrac is the best at reaching tight spaces and leaving very little mess behind. Ventrac’s ultra-low ground pressure, wide stance, and all-wheel drive allow its Flex Frame to provide consistent traction without turf damage.

With a 5 ½ inch cut width and a maximum depth of 40 inches below grade, the Ventrac Trencher is a robust attachment that makes the job much easier. The standard combination chain is equipped with carbide tips, rock, and dirt teeth to help power through difficult ground conditions.
The trencher comes standard with a removable crumb scraper for a smooth finish to your trench floor.

The KY400 is tuned to have a much higher chain speed than comparable hydraulically driven models, which makes it more efficient and faster. When attached to a Ventrac 4000 series tractor, its compact size gives you the ability to maneuver into hard-to-reach locations without damaging the turf as a traditional track unit would.

Due to the specific nature of the trencher, several attachments pair very well with it. A blade or a bucket can help move dirt back in to close the trench, or for an even more finished look, the Power Broom can be used to sweep the dirt into a pile to settle into the trench and leave as little mess as possible.