Ventrac | A Normal Tractor Could Never Do This

Andrew Denbow of Denbow Lawn and Land started his business 20 years ago. As it has evolved and grown, the business led him to take on larger brush-cutting jobs with large tractors. When he would come across an overgrown lot like this in the middle of town, he would typically subcontract the work; that was until he found the Ventrac.

The Ventrac’s size hits the niche market of clearing hard-to-access lots like this one. This vacant lot is inaccessible by skid steers and other tractors for various reasons, but Andrew doesn’t hesitate to go there with his Ventrac. He knows this site has standing water, rock, and piles of debris, and the tool he chooses to tackle the job is this ‘cute’ but tough tractor.

With the highs and lows of the terrain, the Ventrac will flex forward, backward and side-to-side with an impressive FlexFrame design. For mowing the steep hills, dual wheels allow him to traverse up to 30-degree slopes without hesitation.

Andrew knows from his own experience that heavier, larger equipment would have gotten stuck on a lot like this. And with the Ventrac Tough Cut, Andrew is able to serve a niche market that no one else in his area can, and this has grown his business and opened up many doors of opportunity for him.