Ventrac | Aerate Lawns Without Pulling Plugs – EA600 Aera-Vator Overview – Simple Start

The Ventrac EA600 Aera-Vator provides a faster, cleaner way to aerate. Traditionally, aeration is done by puncturing the ground, often times pulling material out with it. This causes a bigger mess to clean later on. The Ventrac aera-vator penetrates the ground and vibrates, breaking up the soil without leaving cores behind. The 60 inch working width and 144 tines create holes at a rate of 9 per square foot and up to a depth of 2.75 inches. The seed box and rear roller kit are optional accessories. The seed box is driven by an electric motor and can hold up to 2.5 cubic feet of material. The rear roller allows for this attachment to be used more frequently because it seals the holes as it passes over them. The aera-vator attachment is an essential tool for taking care of sports fields and other areas with heavy foot traffic.