Ventrac | Clearing Hunting Lanes With Extendable Boom Mower

Preparing for hunting season and maintaining your property can be a year-long task with countless hours of prep work. Planting food plots, clearing access trails, and strategically placing mineral licks all add value to your hunting experience. And while every hunting set-up varies, a blocked range of sight could mean the difference between success or failure on your land this season.

Most all good things start with preparation, and Ventrac makes it easy to prepare your hunting land in a few minutes with the Boom Mower. The Boom Mower on the Ventrac 4520 reaches over 9 feet from the tractor and attaches to the front, providing the best possible visibility and control for the easiest clearing job yet.

Clearing shooting lanes is a simple task upfront but takes a good amount of hand labor and time. Normally for a project this size, it would take multiple guys to maintain the property over several days, but with the Boom Mower, they can get it done with one guy in one day.

This part of hunting land management doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and with the Ventrac Boom Mower, you have the stability and reach to manage vegetation further away from the machine than other equipment. The cutting head of the boom mower is a double action sickle bar which is excellent at cutting a wide variety of materials and in different positions. Thin native grasses, cat-tails, shrubs, hedges, or even tree branches are all easily cut with the sickle head.

And the versatility of the Boom Mower continues with its uses in mowing steep ditches, reaching under guardrails and fences, and along ponds, streams, and more. In addition, the Ventrac 4520 tractor has value as more than just a mower with over 30+ attachments and a unique FlexFrame design, and dual wheels that provide low turf disturbance on soft ground conditions.