Ventrac | Impossible Lawn Installation Job – Renovating Yards On Steep Mountains

Brandon Myers is the owner of Myers Excavation and Contracting in Morgantown, WV.

He specializes in resurfacing yards with his Ventrac 4500 on some of Morgantown’s steepest, hilled properties. He turns ugly yards into beautiful, clean lawnscapes while being safe and efficient. At this job, Brandon is on the property of a house built 2 years ago where the homeowners were left with an unfinished yard by the contractor. Erosion is severe and water drainage from the steep backyard is washing out the ground, exposing utilities around the home.

The homeowner even states that a few contractors turned the job down because they were worried about their equipment handling the hillside behind the home. The yard was left without adequate straw which caused a washing away of most of the seed that was laid down and then further erosion happened over time. Brandon Myers is here to save the homeowner the expenses of having heavy equipment come in to do the job by using his Ventrac and Power Rake attachment. He’s also able to install proper drainage around the home with the help of the Ventrac Trencher attachment. His goal is to make everything mow-able and manageable for the homeowner so he can maintain a healthy, thriving lawn. Brandon starts this yard renovation from top to bottom, raking everything from upper left to lower right, leaving behind fresh topsoil and dragging out large stones