Ventrac | Installing A New Lawn With Ventrac Equipment

A new home is an exciting time, but the lawn is something that is often overlooked during the construction process. The land is usually rough graded but will still often have ruts, weeds, low areas and all sorts of imperfections that can be difficult for anyone trying to establish a new lawn. In this video Aaron show just how capable the Ventrac 4520 is with its fleet of lawn installation attachments and how you can take a rough construction grade to a perfect final grade with seed. The bucket is used to move dirt as well as debris off the property.

The speed of the tractor as well as the maneuverability that you only get with the FlexFrame make using the bucket a dream especially in the tight corners of the property. The Power Rake is used to achieve the final contouring of the ground. This step is critical in making sure that the yard will be enjoyable for the homeowner for years to come. Once the yard has been leveled, the landscape rake is used in removing all of the leftover rocks, weeds and general debris turned up by the power rake.

Once the yard is nice and smooth it is time for the soil cultivator. The Cultivator turns up the soil, buries the rocks and leaves a perfect seed bed. This is designed to improve germination rates which will yield a faster more established lawn. The final step is using the primary seeder which is designed to match the soil cultivator.

The primary seeder plants grass seed directly into bare soil with a consistent and accurate drop rate for perfect seed placement. With precise application adjustment and a removable calibration tray, easy adjustment for different grass seed types is possible. As always, the goal is to reduce the amount of hand labor to close to zero because hand labor takes time, and time is money in every contractor’s world. We are giving these homeowners the best possible results by letting the equipment to do all the work.