Ventrac | More Traction For Your Tractor | Mid-Weight Bar Walkaround

The Mid-Weight Bar is one of the lesser-known but more important accessories for the Ventrac. In this video, we complete a thorough walkaround of the Mid-Weight Bar Kit installed on a 4520 Tractor and discuss its advantages and recommended applications.

The Mid-Weight Bar Kit includes a mounting bar that goes through the center of the frame on the front half of the tractor. Added onto the bar are two brackets that serve as mounts for two 42-lb suitcase weights. This setup adds over 80 lbs on both sides of the tractor. With the Mid-Weight Bar, you’ll gain extra traction right over the front wheels.

This extra weight is significant for the air-cooled models as those engines are lighter in weight than liquid-cooled ones because they lack the presence of a radiator. This kit makes a lot of sense in most applications where operators are concerned about traction.

Applications include furthering forward traction while digging with the Power Bucket or mowing on the side of a hill where you want more front wheel traction. The Mid-Weight Bar is compatible with the 4000 series tractors, and installation is very simple and straightforward.