Ventrac | New Enhanced Power Rake KG540

he KG540 Power Rake is the ultimate tool for reshaping uneven ground and preparing dirt for new lawn installations. For easy ground prep on yard installations, this robust machine is best at removing surface rocks and debris, creating a level, prepped finish for seeding.

Several features enhance the KG540 Power Rake, including a hydraulic height adjustment that allows precise control from the driver’s seat. Additional features include a pivoting front axle to assist in self-leveling. The option to remove the axle provides the ability to work up closer to structures.

Powering the action of the KG540 Power Rake are seventy-two replaceable carbide tips that pulverize and refine the soil. The reversible drum can carry soil or stone forward or backward to allow for forward motion or back-dragging of materials. At the same time, adjustable wings help control the routing of materials or debris.

The compact design of the tractor and attachment allows the operator to work in tight quarters where it is difficult for other machines to navigate.

Refreshing a gravel driveway is one task where the Power Rake excels by bringing old gravel back to the surface for a fresh gravel finish. Whether you’re dealing with clay, soil, or gravel compaction, the Power Rake makes finish grading and renovation work easy. Revitalization of other surface materials like mulch on playgrounds is also possible with the Power Rake attachment.